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What was before the release

There were, of course, plenty of changes that I can finally show to you, dear foreign fans. Here is another long changelog. And on a note… there is also a good archive where I, GraYaSDF, publish any of my other works, there are some other interesting things to watch, to look at, and to listen to – GraYaSDF Workshop


changed the geometry render distance up to 1000 meters (parameter DrawDistance in Data/tt.ini)
– vehicles which are flipped over, do not explode (parameter DisableVehicleFlipKill in Data/tt.ini)
– the single-player campaign has been disabled in game (parameter DisableSP in Data/tt.ini)
– help menu has been replaced with another menu which contains data about the base (bandtest.dll and help menu textures changes)
– players, when playing as spectators, can spawn in specific building (chat-command !spawn here) or in random building (chat-command !spawn, or pressing the left/right mouse button)
– spectators can go through walls
– Refill button on Purchase Terminal completely restores the ammunition of any carried weapons (except superweapon beacons), and also armor and health of player
– Repair Gun may be recharged through Purchase Terminal even if it has a residual charge
– spawned Engineer always reloads his weapon
– when purchased, characters will always reload their weapons
– AI does not fire at attached objects anymore, for example, at doors or Purchase Terminal
– stealth units are correctly detected by buildings-detectors
– price and energy cost, which appear on Purchase Terminal, are now dynamically updated data
– when player leaves the match, his credits are going into general bank of team
– while sitting in harvester, player will now see how many credits he has in it from collected tiberium
– added automobile horn for truck, harvester, and Mobile Construction Yard
– added indicator-notification for disabled buildings with Master Control Terminal
– the animation of flying transport airplane C-130 has been changed to realistic animation
– transport airplane C-130 is no longer visible for radar and turrets/towers
– doors open automatically if player is near to them, as in case of pressing the action key and aiming at them
– if you call the help menu or type in a chat !status, you can see the progress of construction of purchased structures, vehicles, and aircrafts
– added new chat-command “!music status” which displays current playing melody
– added some improvements into musical player
– added some improvements into ingame help
– it is now not possible to refill the superweapon’s beacon on usual purchase terminal
– fixed technology tree for Nod Turret and Nod Communications Centre
– fixed the wrong changes of energy power for both teams when they capture/sell structures
– fixed the textures of icons of buttons on Purchase Terminals
– fixed a height of attachment of Master Control Terminal in some buildings
– fixed an initialization of explosion when building is destroyed
– fixed an issue, when AI-tanks were not following the player while shooting at enemy
– fixed an issue, when Communications Centre was defining child objects as hostile targets
– fixed an issue, when doors were not able to close due to objects nearby
– fixed an issue, when Master Control Terminal was receiving less damage than structure
– fixed an issue with animation of harvester
– fixed an issue with purchasing the ammo crate on Technologies Tree Level 2
– fixed an error, when crates were really hard to pick up by helicopter in some cases
– fixed an error, when player was stucking in concrete in some cases
– fixed an error with accessing to advanced weaponry
– fixed an error with placement of Construction Yard
– fixed an error of closing doors in network game
– fixed a bug, when Nod Tiberium Refinery was crashing the game after deploying
– fixed a bug, when parachute was crashing the game when falling under map
– fixed a bug, when passengers were crashing the game after destroying their carriers
– fixed a bug, when falling crate was crashing the game after selling truck that was carrying it
– new update from Tiberian Technologies has fixed a bug, when players were able to shoot from underground
– Assault Guard IACS returns aircrafts back to the battlefield, if they are leaving it
– Assault Guard IACS prevents from using !unstuck and !stuck chat-commands too often
– Repair Guns are repairing the Master Control Terminal faster than usual
– Master Control Terminal receives more damage from C4-explosives
– improved entrance to the tower of Airstrip
– added a mount for Master Control Terminal
– other fixes and rebalancing

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