The new album of Frank Klepacki | Commando Assault
The new album of Frank Klepacki

I had another conversation with famous composer Frank Klepacki at the beginning of February 2015.

GraYaSDF: Greetings again, Frank.
Frank Klepacki: Hi, Yuri!

GraYaSDF: After I sent to you Download and Listen OST, I finally made this – C&C 64 Memorial. Some remakes of your soundtracks for Command & Conquer, also my feeling of Nintendo 64 music. I am not a pro in composing, but I am still experimenting with dance and other grooves. They are still kick ass.
Frank Klepacki: I am flattered you did those remixes. Glad you were able to find the instrument sounds and have fun with them.

GraYaSDF: It will be good if you will release new album with less orchestra and more electronics and rock again, as it was in “Conquering 20 Years”, “Infiltrator” and “Morphscape”. I had strong inspiration by listening them, just fantastic sounds. How much we need to wait for it before try? Year, another year? Clear my doubts.
Frank Klepacki: I am planning another electronic based solo release next. I’m finishing the last few tracks before I announce it. So hopefully in the next few months!

GraYaSDF: Thanks for answers and listening, Frank!
Frank Klepacki: Thanks for writing!

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