C&C Commando Assault - Thanks To

  • Yuri "GraYaSDF" Voroshilov (the author of idea)
  • Wenny "Omicron_Nega" Dimart
  • Wu "Wzk" Zaokun
  • Ilya "Diamond00744" Palikov
  • Oleg "Sk0rpi0n" Juraev
  • Kirill "6key" Voroshilov
  • Mikhail "MeshOk" Yudin
  • Anton "Ure" Voroshilov
  • Frank Klepacki
  • "501.legion"
  • "Kerubim"
  • "Ren_Dimon"
  • "unknown"
  • "zunnie"
  • "Interval96"
  • "SBHBS"
  • "sla.ro"
  • "r3surr3Kt|x|"
  • "Probotector"
  • "Alexstyle412"
  • "Chlenix"
  • "Christian"
  • "MPRA2"
  • "UrNantes"
  • Westwood Studios
  • Tiberian Technologies
  • C&C Renegade Community
  • International modmaking portal “ModDB”
  • Internet-catalog “The Cat”
  • Development group “Open the Door”
  • Development group “Digital Garbage”
  • Gaming clan “[Dragon]”

And thanks to everyone who helped to promote the project, who did not prevent developer from making the game, and who is still playing this mod.

Beanstalk5000, the member of Renegade community:
"I downloaded this mod and was playing with 4 friends yesterday. Dam we had a great time to options are endless in this game. I am also going to go further and actually take this to my college and set up an 8V8 LAN party and see how much craziness I can expand from that. As a strategy game with fps mechanics it has one amazing engine and is smooth as well. When I test it out with a bunch of people il get some feed back and record some videos and sent them to youtube. I am backing you on this like crazy because it is the future of fps/rts gaming."

Frank Klepacki, the famous musician:
"Thats cool you’ve kept that up – it never stops amazing me the devotion the C&C fans have and that people still like to create new mods. When I was at Gamescom we heard the same thing from so many fans over and over again – "you made our childhoods". Very endearing."

ImperialKaskins, the UltraAOW developer:
"I played with some of my friends back than on LAN in cybercafe with your mod is quite unique. Always wanted a fps/tps-rts hybrid."

Community BattleCast Prime Time, the continuation of popular show of Electronic Arts:
"Now you can really play Command & Conquer from the ground level. This is very impressive mod, it is totally worth a look!"

2015 Mod Appreciation Week, the event on international modmaking portal ModDB.com:
"Since 2002 we have explored, played and enjoyed mods of all shapes and sizes just like this. We love games like C&C Renegade that have opened themselves up to modding."

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