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Programming is a style of life

Many people wonder how I made significant progress in modding of the C&C Renegade and in programming. Let’s start with the fact that at first I was not a programmer. I was a usual inventor.

I liked to create working mechanisms and semiautomatic by my hands, especially from Lego. I left my Lego and iron parts with wires because of the move to a new residence. But then I had the opportunity to pay more attention to the computer. And in the process of my creativity I was greatly amazed that the computer was able to compensate for all and allow to bring all my dreams to life. And even those things about which I never thought before.

Study of computer and programming languages in general has gone so far that after two years I seriously was thinking about professional programming. Flash has since become an integral part of my work. Of course, even Flash goes back far into the past. I had a program that allows you to animate vector images created from scratch. In short, it was my first cartoons made in Corel Rave which then evolved into the game. And back to cartoon after the GYInterGame Engine made on Flash.

Modifications were also an integral part of study. I went through all the old programs and games, delved into their resources. It was like an entertainment, I have changed some settings and tried my best to reveal all possible things through the normal launching of applications.

Porting games has undergone a series of setbacks, in particular, I wanted something new but when porting I lost the meaning of the game itself. I have some good ports, but I decided to stop there. When I have another wish to port my favorite game to Flash, I strongly suppress it.

The separate direction is C&C Renegade. I tired to make any mods, and after making something new, I came to a standstill. Certainly, I was like a lamer that asks the foreign community about how to compile the source code of scripts. Forum members had no idea that I had very serious plans. Once a solution was found, I pushed the huge walls of C&C Renegade and discovered a truly powerful and simple tool for creating games. As easy and free as Lego and Flash.

And of course, I appreciate all that is impossible to replace by the computer. And all this are you, my dear readers and friends! Your support helps me to do something new and upgrade old.

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