Commando Assault | Official English website - Part 5

This total modification is absolutely new videogame on C&C Renegade engine because of its new unique possibilities of base-building. Act on your discretion: build, take care of your bases, make more various diversions and assaults, gather resources, track down your enemies. You can fight as a simple soldier or as an elite commando, use all available vehicles, weapons and fight your opponents in close combat.

Last version is available for downloading! Follow this link to download. In instructions are mentioned updates, download them too, they are needed to launch a mod. If you still have problems with game, send a message to GraYaSDF. If you wish to setup local server for your friends, create a game through LAN Game Mode and change the quantity of players to desired.

Your forces are waiting for orders, commander!

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(The development was discontinued on March 15, 2018 for an indefinite period.)

In the first half of August of this year, the famous game composer Frank Klepacki gave the official permission for use of his solo works in C&C Assault. I was stunned, because the question sounded a little differently. Before, I could certainly put these tracks, but now I can put them officially, thereby supporting the composer.

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A little movie made in retro style. It briefly discusses the major innovations in C&C Assault – mobile military base. And there are a mysterious trucks there that hints at their explicit use in the C&C Assault 0.4.0. But what is there, behind this strange line? Maybe we’ll finally learn how to build the structures in a real C&C?..

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