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This total modification is absolutely new videogame on C&C Renegade engine because of its new unique possibilities of base-building. Act on your discretion: build, take care of your bases, make more various diversions and assaults, gather resources, track down your enemies. You can fight as a simple soldier or as an elite commando, use all available vehicles, weapons and fight your opponents in close combat.

Last version is available for downloading! Follow this link to download. In instructions are mentioned updates, download them too, they are needed to launch a mod. If you still have problems with game, send a message to GraYaSDF. If you wish to setup local server for your friends, create a game through LAN Game Mode and change the quantity of players to desired.

Your forces are waiting for orders, commander!

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(The development was discontinued on March 15, 2018 for an indefinite period.)

I was too busy at previous month, and decided to make the final release… not a mod, I mean an addon, and that’s right! Complete addon for the game. Also, no releases this year, but some extra updates instead. So, I present you the new video update. To see it, click on “Read more”.

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At the last month, I introduced the improved recognition system of data from the chat. Now you can type the exact amount of credits for exchange. And all this is possible in a normal game without use of any servers! New custom chat-commands will also be added to other suitable features in the game. You may watch the following video, and learn more about how these commands work.

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Before this moment the computer opponents stubbornly believed they can pass through walls, like ghosts. I admit, sending them to the right way was not so easy. But the result in following video is simply amazing. Troops try to come to the player as soon as possible, and use of computer resources is minimal!

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Yes, released the first patch of modification! It fixes some errors in the text, and allows to optimize the server through an economical consumption of free space. All holders of their own servers and usual players need to simply install it over the modification of version 0.5.0.

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Developed the first unofficial C&C Renegade scripts specifically for C&C Commando Assault. The gaming libraries have been changed to overcome restrictions of C&C Renegade and dominance of Tiberian Technologies.

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