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What is this game, and what it does?
Commando Assault is an independently developed videogame. I am, GraYaSDF, making interesting game on a basis of C&C Renegade engine (and fans help me too), where you can build your own base and command. You will start the battle as usual engineer, and your task is not to lose everything. You can build almost all vehicles, starting from usual trucks and ending flying fighters, structures and turrets of different purposes, choose characters and guns, and also win through different ways. Actually, the game is not so simple: it is necessary to care about economics and defense of your base, and then fight the enemy. However, if you’re well planned and combined efforts of the entire team, victory is yours. The game improves leadership qualities of players and stimulates team building.

Is it just a port of Tiberian Dawn or are you making something new?
The project will become new Sci-Fi universe, but it also accumulates features from many other videogames. Our new game provides a unique gameplay which mixes dinamic shooter and strategy together. Imagine this mix and you will see this system isn’t innovation (Battlezone 1998 is the first successful experiment in this direction), but revolutional yet. It allows to make a large-scale battle in hostile territories. Also planned some feature like a World-Scale War, as in games of “Global” genre. Conquering the world through usual matches with first-person view and commanding forces to fight is really something new. And I’m working on it. It means you may support your teammates on another servers by sending them reinforcements, money, weapons, messages, and more. In addition, I’ve tried to describe the main features for dummies and to make all useless things go away.

Will I be able to command and to build as in the strategy game?
Certainly, it will not has the interface as in RTS because the usual sources do not allow this, but there will be exactly something similar to interface.

Are there bots in this mod?
Yes, they are. And they react to your order to follow you. But after seeing the enemy, they will fire at him, like a hungry dog pounces on meat, and get them to stop firing is almost impossible. Development of new artifical intelligence is in progress, computer will be more smart, and it will be able to control bases too that will give unlimited possibilities for singleplayer and multiplayer, of course.

How can I play this mode?
To play version 0.6.0 and higher you need C&C Renegade, but it’s recommended to install licensed version from original CD or from The First Decade or from The Ultimate Collection (you can find TUC on our website and purchase it through Origin). Also you need Tiberian Technologies Update 4.2.4 or higher and the latest update of modification, these files you can find on this website. The further details about how to install you can find in “how_to_install” file which is included to installation archive.

I have some troubles with game. Can you help me?
If you’ve got any trouble, please contact us via email or post it here in comments. We’ll tell you how to fix it. But first make sure that you have a licensed version of C&C Renegade with installed Tiberian Technologies Update 4.2.4 or higher, without any other installed addons and mods, Core patches, Renguards, Renegade Resurrections, and there aren’t any corrupted files.

Why is it looking so… old?
I have positioned this project as classic real-time strategy and first/third person shooter standalone game on Westwood 3D engine. Today I have not enough skills to make it look better, so I almost completely focused on the programming. But I am sure, I have many ideas and concept-arts to make it look better, so if you have those drawing skills… why not to help me in creation of this mod?

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