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Some conversation with Frank Klepacki

I had a small conversation with famous composer Frank Klepacki at the end of previous month. But it is still fresh yet.

GraYaSDF: Frank Klepacki, greetings from Russia again! Long time I had nothing to send. But I’ve listened your Conquering 20 Years album. And I have to say… this album sounds great, and definitely rocks, even more than Infiltrator! It blowed my mind actually, as well as Unreal Tournament music. You said somewhere that you like UT-series too.

Frank Klepacki: Thanks so much! Really glad you enjoyed it, it was a fun journey for me to work on it and feel nostalgic about the many game styles I’ve done over the years. Yep, always been a fan of the original UT music as well.

GraYaSDF: And good hard work with GreyGoo, glad to see your fresh music even in 2014. So what do you plan in the near feature? Maybe, some rest, I guess?

Frank Klepacki: Yes it has been a crazy summer for me working on the soundtrack – I went to Budapest to record the live orchestra and choir, then I went to Gamescom in germany to show the game to fans and press, then I performed with VIdeo games live concert a couple of times, and now mixing the grey goo soundtrack in surround sound for the game! I did manage to finally rest a bit this past weekend for the first time. LOL. As far as the future goes, I have a couple of albums I’m working on at the same time, little by little. Hope to have something out by the end of year or beginning of next.

GraYaSDF: I was searching for instruments you used so far in the past, and I made some simple good melodies. Also, our videogame C&C Commando Assault grows up… and I am really happy to be a part of C&C.

Frank Klepacki: Thats cool you’ve kept that up – it never stops amazing me the devotion the C&C fans have and that people still like to create new mods. When I was at Gamescom we head the same thing from so many fans over and over again – “you made our childhoods”. Very endearing.

GraYaSDF: Thank you for answers, I respect your opinion! See ya.

Frank Klepacki: Thanks for writing!

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