C&C Assault 0.6.0 release | Commando Assault
C&C Assault 0.6.0 release

6 years of developing, I can’t believe it! And here it is, the latest beta-version of Commando Assault! Unfortunately, I can’t leave the stage of beta-testing, maybe will leave it later, but…

…this huge addon contains megatons of improvements and nice game features, usefull fixes, and I can’t describe it all in one word, you just need to download it and try! The necessary updates can be found on this website. Got any questions/suggestions? Send a e-mail letter to me instead of comments section, don’t be scared.

And my apologies, there are no english readme for you, due to a lack of personal time of few translators, but I added some pictures to assault_readme_rus.docx instead. Have fun, and thank you for playing it and supporting me for a long-long time!

P.S.: And you know what… I am also a second composer of this addon now, so also enjoy my musical works and remakes. Frank Klepacki also officially supported me with his solo melodies, so be prepared for duet! 😉

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