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C&C Assault 0.4.0 release

And now, the long-awaited release of C&C Assault 0.4.0, with many innovations, its own scripts and two simple maps for full-fledged battles. Briefly, what the new version of modification does:

C&C Assault 0.4.0 adds to C&C Renegade the mobile base. This means that you can now place a construction yard in any accessible location on the map! And you can build more than one base. This is a unique opportunity to build your own bases, where nobody will disturb you. In addition, you can distribute duties among the players in team chat and organize attacks from several checkpoints to catch the enemy unawares.

Also in C&C Assault 0.4.0 are many other innovations. For example, introduced the classes of buildings, queuing system construction, blue tiberium, skydiving, new trucks CSV to build the structures, etc. The game is still more changed.

If you are a fan of C&C Renegade or Battlezone or a fan of such team games, you definitely must try this unique mode for the C&C Renegade.

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