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C&C Assault 0.1.0 release

In 2010, the modification was released as C&C Assault 0.1.0 on www.moddb.com and on the www.cncseries.ru forums. It was the GDI base, where it was possible to construct the buildings by special beacons. The structure was placed with a gun that was above the Construction Yard. The view from it was like in RTS – at the top.

It was the first public alpha version that I released to the public. The idea was born from a mix of Battlezone from Activision and other my modification called as C&C All For Free for Renegade. In the AFF you could build some structures by the beacons and call in reinforcements, and in Battlezone 1998 was fine for the first time realized the construction of the base and at the same time the tank simulation in real time. Under the influence of two great masterpieces of its time – Battlezone and C&C Renegade – I was able to bring in C&C something new – namely, control of military bases in the first person. Suffice it to say that a mix of RTS and FPS has the future. It all depends on how accurate and verified acts are performed by the developer to achieve their goals. I hope I’m on the right way.

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