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Big list of changes

For a long time I had to seriously undertake the development and other matters. As a result, we got a big enough list of new features, fixes and changes. And it continues to grow!


now both Repair Guns are not only repairing, but also damaging objects with red lightning, the cost is the same as for ammo to repair
– cargo Truck is optimized, almost no annoying bugs like moving to the right or glitching textures as original model does
– helicopters do not stuck when created in Helipad
– vehicles and aircrafts are correctly and fully charged when created in their factories
– “The SAMs are history”
– other fixes


ammo crates are no more free, and they will cost 100 credits per each. It means, you need more money to assault hostile base than to defend yours
– while standing on Helipad and Repair Pad, you can refill your ammunition in silent mode, and by the way, absolutely for free
– damaging of vehicles and soldiers inside any collapsing building is now not chaotic and more powerful, but it depends on how far you are from the centre of building
– vehicles and soldiers at the territories of collapsing Silo, Refinery, Temple and Advanced Communications Center will receive additional damage
– other fixes


added a music player, the music itself will be distributed separately in MP3 128 kbps format
– added in-game help for chat-commands to control the music player
– warning about approaching enemy is improved. Communications Center learned to determine names of hostile units and buildings it found
– improved stealth ability for stealth-tank. Turrets no longer see the tank until it is not detected by Advanced Guard Tower or by Communications Center, or it will not reveal itself
– anti-air structures got a bonus to distance when attacking aircrafts
– SSML-rockets are rebalanced, their tracking ability is disabled, missile launching mechanism raises slowly
– the projectiles of Apaches and Orcas are rebalanced
– fixed incorrect replenishment of ammunition when using a box of ammunition
– fixed an issue where the turrets and vehicles are not attacked players on the battlefield
– fixed an issue where a turret were attacking themselves instead of enemy
– other fixes


successful porting of addon to an updated game engine from Tiberian Technologies(c)
– instead of code names, !status/!st displays the real names of manufactured structures and vehicles/aircrafts
– call of reinforcements like AI-tank is possible only at free place, far enough from any objects
– usual Engineer received two C4 explosives
– proxy mines of Technician/Hotwire are increased to six
– fixed an access error to the buttons in Purchase Terminal
– fixed an issue where buildings were disappearing and collapsing without explosion
– fixed an issue when the C-130 Cargo Plane is not removed from battlefield
– fixed an issue when AI-tanks and turrets/towers are not attacked their targets
– fixed an issue when disabled turrets and towers were able to shoot
– other fixes and rebalancing

Right now, we are translating the readme files for english-speaking players, and making everything to completely release the new version of this addon.

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