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Assault & Conquer

World Championship is a new planned option in the game which allows to conquer and control territories, as it was made in End of Nations and Tiberium Alliances. And here are first results of development.

The scheme is pretty simple. Clients and separate game servers may exchange the resources, weapons, information and units between each other through special server which accumulates general data and distribute it among players around the world. First, was planned to make the official website of Commando Assault as that special server I am talking about, but due to some reasons it will receive statistics only, everything else will do the computer with World Championship option.

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    1. GraYaSDF GraYaSDF says:

      Thanks for comments, I hope to bring some EndOfNations into the game, it is going to be epic =)

    2. Colbysaxon says:

      That’s fantastic.

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