C&C Commando Assault

This total modification is absolutely new videogame on C&C Renegade engine because of its new unique possibilities of base-building. Act on your discretion: build, take care of your bases, make more various diversions and assaults, gather resources, track down your enemies. You can fight as a simple soldier or as an elite commando, use all available vehicles, weapons and fight your opponents in close combat.

History of creating the "Command & Conquer: Commando Assault" (available only on Russian, sorry)
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Useful links:

Personal workshop of GraYaSDF (only on Russian, sorry again)

Purchase Command & Conquer Renegade in EA Origin electronic store
Website of group of developers "Tiberian Technologies", they are working on improvements for the game under the auspices of EA

Command & Conquer Series russian website
Command & Conquer Renegade russian website
Command & Conquer Red Alert russian website
Red Sun RTS in Google Play digital store
Personal website of Diamond00744, former website designer of C&C Commando Assault
Personal website of Frank Klepacki, the composer of C&C Commando Assault

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