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    Is it appropriate to create a limited ammunition in the next version of game?



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    ATTENTION: The last version 0.5.0 Beta is available for downloading! Follow this link to download it. In instructions are mentioned patch and update, download them, they are needed to launch a mod. If you still have problems with game, then maybe this patch will help.

    This modification is absolutely new mode for the game C&C Renegade because of its new unique possibilities of base-building. Act on your discretion: build, take care of your bases, make more various diversions and assaults, gather the tiberium, track down your enemies. You can fight as a simple soldier or as an elite commando, use all available vehicles, weapons and fight your opponents in close combat.

    Build, command, conquer. Welcome back, commander!

    C&C Commando Assault on Mod DB C&C Commando Assault 0.5.0 (download from Mod DB now!)

    Where are our bots?

    The new information about AI-development for C&C Renegade is available on the russian forums of C&C Commando Assault, which may be interesting for you. For English-speaking users I recommend to get the russian dictionary with you, I have no time to translate it to English.

    (Click on "More...")

    Author: grayasdf | 04/09/2014 | Topic: Other news | 0 comments | more...

    Programming is a style of life

    Many people wonder how I made ​​significant progress in modding of the C&C Renegade and in programming. Let's start with the fact that at first I was not a programmer. I was a usual inventor.

    (To read next, click on "More...")

    Author: grayasdf | 02/08/2014 | Topic: Other news | 0 comments | more...

    Patches are available

    Activated the Patches section in the site. Also added necessary critical updates to run the mod. And in the main page posted links to download everything you need. Now all that you need is a game from CD, other files you can download from the site.

    Author: grayasdf | 01/18/2014 | Topic: Other news | 0 comments | more...

    And now in Steam

    Players continue to take an active interest to modification. To bring all players together, as well as for the convenience of organization of gaming meetings and discussions, I created a group in Steam. Join, add your friends, organize gaming meetings, share your impressions about the game.

    Author: grayasdf | 01/10/2014 | Topic: Assault news | 0 comments | more...

    Storm the fortress

    Developed the first unofficial C&C Renegade scripts specifically for C&C Commando Assault. The gaming libraries have been changed to overcome restrictions of C&C Renegade and dominance of Tiberian Technologies.

    A stable work without a new update after the next release of the mod will be impossible.

    I will distribute the Update 3.4.5 by myself.

    What will Update 3.4.5 do? There are planned aircrafts, interface, commands, and other features, so that's why it was necessary to create a special addition.

    Author: grayasdf | 01/09/2014 | Topic: Assault updates | 0 comments | more...

    Limitation of ammunition approved

    I thank you all for your participation in the survey. I finally decided to make a limited ammunition. I will tell only a part of innovations for the game.

    (To read next, click on "More...")

    Author: grayasdf | 01/08/2014 | Topic: Assault news | 0 comments | more...

    Limited ammunition?

    It is very controversial update, which requires your opinion.

    If you are realist, and you see the game is something more than C&C, vote yes. If you don't have much time, and you have fun with unlimited ammo, vote no.

    I need to say you that practically any players, even bots, may deliver ammunition to you, by sea, by ground, by air. But they may be killed as usual players. Also you can get ammo in your base. However, if your ammo is over, you always have a good weapon - hands, legs, a knife, a shovel, a crowbar, and you don't need to recharge them. And also you can heal and repair, because you have medicines and tools, but with less efficiency.

    Click here to vote

    Author: grayasdf | 12/31/2013 | Topic: Assault updates | 0 comments | more...

    And this is a strategy yet!

    Let's return to the classics. Video shows a top view and scrolling.

    (To watch a video, click on "More...")

    Author: grayasdf | 12/19/2013 | Topic: Assault updates | 0 comments | more...


    Have you ever thought that your account may be compromised? Now your bank is the target "number one" for the hostile hacker groups. However, you can get revenge. But can you hack their defense? And whether you have enough money to pay for services?

    (To watch a video, click on "More...")

    Author: grayasdf | 12/18/2013 | Topic: Assault updates | 0 comments | more...

    Almighty bot

    The bot, of course, cannot do everything because of poorly programmed.

    (To read next and watch a video, click on "More...")

    Author: grayasdf | 12/15/2013 | Topic: Assault updates | 0 comments | more...

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    Searching the way how to end my algorithm to save more time on configs. It will be another tool such as Placement Editor.
    I have some success in AI-development, you will see the result later.
    We passed this month! =D
    http://en.ccassault.com/d ownload/projects.html
    Website updated after my return. I also wish to note a new main menu item - projects. Come in, the catalog will be updated from time to time =)
    I'm working at the factory. Damn, and even no free time during all the week...
    http://www.moddb.co m/mods/cc- assault/#3177631 - server is online for a while, feel free to connect! =)
    Hey you, got a present for ya!
    Sorry, logo updated again. Thanks to Diamond for a logo. I love it!
    Very nice

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