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    Play it online!

    To connect to the beta-test server you need to create a new link to the "game.exe" which is in C&C Renegade's directory, and add this string to your link (but first make sure you have installed the modification, and it works in LAN mode, otherwise you will not be able to play!):

    +connect +NetPlayerName "Type Your Nickname Here"

    And just double-click on the link. Have a nice play! If you have some troubles with connecting, send a message to GraYaSDF.

    Is it appropriate to create a limited ammunition in the next version of game?



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    This modification is absolutely new mode for the game C&C Renegade because of its new unique possibilities of base-building. Act on your discretion: build, take care of your bases, make more various diversions and assaults, gather the tiberium, track down your enemies. You can fight as a simple soldier or as an elite commando, use all available vehicles, weapons and fight your opponents in close combat.

    The last version is available for downloading! Follow this link to download it, and this link to update it. In instructions are mentioned patch and update, download them, they are needed to launch a mod. If you still have problems with game, send a message to GraYaSDF. Also for those who love to play online we have a server with the latest version. Or if you desire you can set-up your own server and share the game with others very easy, you need only to download the complete pack of server files and run it as usual Renegade FDS.

    Build, command, conquer. Welcome back, commander!

    C&C Commando Assault on Mod DB C&C Commando Assault 0.5.0 (download from Mod DB now!)

    Respect your customers

    At the last month, I introduced the first recognition system of data from the chat. Now you can type exact amount of credits for exchange. And all this is possible in a normal game without use of any servers! Custom chat-commands will also be added to other suitable features in the game. You may watch the following video, and learn more about how it works.

    (To watch a video, click on "More...")

    Author: grayasdf | 07/07/2014 | Topic: Assault updates | 0 comments | more...

    Let's rock, buddy!

    Started a new poll in which we will determine this time the further background music in the game.

    (To read next and vote, click on "More...")

    Author: grayasdf | 05/21/2014 | Topic: Assault news | 0 comments | more...

    They are coming!

    Before this moment the computer opponents stubbornly believed they can pass through walls, like ghosts. I admit, sending them to the right way was not so easy. But the result in following video is simply amazing. Troops try to come to the player as soon as possible, and use of computer resources is minimal!

    (To watch a video, click on "More...")

    Author: grayasdf | 05/10/2014 | Topic: Assault updates | 0 comments | more...

    Optimization of game server and new patch

    Yes, released the first patch of modification! It fixes some errors in the text, and allows to optimize the server through an economical consumption of free space. All holders of their own servers and usual players need to simply install it over the modification of version 0.5.0.

    Author: grayasdf | 05/04/2014 | Topic: Assault updates | 0 comments | more...


    C&C Commando Assault has its server now! Check the "Play it online!" block in the left side of this website for more details.

    Author: grayasdf | 04/19/2014 | Topic: Assault news | 0 comments | more...

    Are you ready to the battle?
    Today announced a new closed beta test of modification for all players. You can participate it by sending to me a email with your written agreement to play on the server, my contacts (GraYaSDF) listed on this website. Approximate date and time of starting the server - April 18, 8:00 PM, Moscow time (evening).

    Author: grayasdf | 04/16/2014 | Topic: Assault news | 0 comments | more...

    Where are our bots?

    The new information about AI-development for C&C Renegade is available on the russian forums of C&C Commando Assault, which may be interesting for you. For English-speaking users I recommend to get the russian dictionary with you, I have no time to translate it to English.

    (Click on "More...")

    Author: grayasdf | 04/09/2014 | Topic: Other news | 0 comments | more...

    Programming is a style of life

    Many people wonder how I made ​​significant progress in modding of the C&C Renegade and in programming. Let's start with the fact that at first I was not a programmer. I was a usual inventor.

    (To read next, click on "More...")

    Author: grayasdf | 02/08/2014 | Topic: Other news | 0 comments | more...

    Patches are available

    Activated the Patches section in the site. Also added necessary critical updates to run the mod. And in the main page posted links to download everything you need. Now all that you need is a game from CD, other files you can download from the site.

    Author: grayasdf | 01/18/2014 | Topic: Other news | 0 comments | more...

    And now in Steam

    Players continue to take an active interest to modification. To bring all players together, as well as for the convenience of organization of gaming meetings and discussions, I created a group in Steam. Join, add your friends, organize gaming meetings, share your impressions about the game.

    Author: grayasdf | 01/10/2014 | Topic: Assault news | 0 comments | more...

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    Fixed incorrect loading of images in Gallery. Now you may look at them normally =)
    I correct further optimization of Dynamical Pathfinder for needs of the mod. Now it runs MUCH faster.
    Finally I made new Task & Behaviour Manager which improves the possibilities of Westwood3D AI, but I'm still adding the necessary scripts to it. This manager is a little bit laggy on slow PCs, because it is the first task manager in my life, seriously)))
    So many features I wish to add, so only the key features will be in my videos and pictures.
    Who like the mod, join to the server, it's totally free to participate in testing and to play!
    Не стесняйтесь, качайте мод и заходите на сервер, мы рады вас видеть!
    And now in C++. Victory!
    Bot checks walls correctly now, but only in Adobe Flash. Yes!
    Bot runs successfully, but he does not see walls, probably there is some mathematical errors. I will fix them.
    Thanks to Watcher and Sk0rpi0n for testing the server with beta-version of mod. The server is now available to play for all players. But be carefull, do not cheat and do not crush the server.

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